Below is a list of all the chapters to date:


Chapter 1 : Fight Night – The journey begins with a White Collar boxing match which ended up saving my life.

Chapter 2 : The Build Up – The training I went through and the signs which started to show that something was up.

Chapter 3 : The Appointment – The first critical day of many that changed my life and put me on a course that lead to Valve replacement surgery.

Chapter 4 : The MOT – As the Doctor so aptly put it, I was sent off for an ‘MOT’ to have an ECG (Electrocardiogram) and other tests to see what was going on.

Chapter 5 : The Heartbeat – The day I heard my own Heartbeat, or rather lack of, is one I’ll never forget.

Chapter 6 : The Surgeon – The meeting with the surgeon was a defining moment, as he put it “you know how you hear of young people just dropping dead? Well this is why!”

Chapter 7 : Putting It All Together – Understanding what the diagnosis meant and starting to see the choice I had to make.

Chapter 8 : Questions – I did as much research as I could and then went back to have a meeting with the surgeon to ‘thrash it out’ and be clear on everything.

Chapter 9 : My Parents – The hardest and most emotional day of my life. Telling my parents what was going on.

Chapter 10 : The Email – How do you begin to tell everyone whats happening?  This is the conclusion and very real email I sent.

Chapter 11 : The Collapse – The scariest moment of my life and how I nearly died.

Chapter 12 : Country Walks – When a simple yawn became much more than just being tired.

Chapter 13 : Ghosts – Seeing people but not connecting with them, how not being real can have a damaging effect  and distanced me more from my surroundings.

Chapter 14 :  The Answer – The choice I made on an unfathomable question.

Chapter 15 : The Request – I created a playlist of music to be played throughout the operation, Music For The Soul.

Chapter 16 : Twenty Four Hours Before the Operation – Final tensions rise, saying goodbye to family and friends, and being told “it’s a good thing you’re here, you wouldn’t have made it to Christmas.”

Chapter 17 : 11/12/13 – Waking up the morning of the operation to be prepared and finally accepting this is it.

Chapter 18 : Memories – From mental torment to hallucinating in hospital, it’s all in here!

Chapter 19 : Music – A simple smile can go along way.

Chapter 20 : The Process Of Recovery – Arriving home and dealing with the impact of open heart surgery.

Chapter 21 : Stitches – How a simple change in tone can have the most wonderful effect.

Chapter 22 : Revisiting The wards – Sharing the appreciation of being alive and the wonderful care received during hospital.

Chapter 23 : Make or Break – The examination and results that meant so much.

Chapter 24 : Fawlty Towers – How a comedy TV show made more sense than this meeting.

Chapter 25 : Cracking Chest –  Unnerving sounds and a reminder of what reality now meant.

Chapter 26 : Rehabilitation – Simple walking and movement can have the greatest impact on well being.

Chapter 27 : Understanding It All – Finally facing what had happened and coming through depression.

Chapter 28 : The Power Of Music – Music, for me, is key and aided to the final recovery. Letting loose at a concert was all it took.

Chapter 29 : Two Lives Of Perspective – Life would never be the same again, and I felt it.

Chapter 30 : Feeling Good – The choices made are now a living reality.

Chapter 31 : Moments Of Realisation -If I ever needed a sign, these would go a long way.

Chapter 32 : The First Run  Fast forwarding to 2016 and i’m running!