Chapter 15 : The Request

“Music has always been a huge part of my life……creating a playlist for the operation seemed natural.”

At one of the appointments my call on nurse Emma had explained that many people ask for a religious object or something of personal importance to have nearby while they are operated on. Some people have had a special handkerchief, a bible or a family ring on the pillow next to them as they are asleep. The surgeon’s would accommodate any request as best they could to help the peace of mind of the patient. So was there anything I would like? 

Music came straight to mind.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. As a child I always latched onto a song and had to find out as much information about an artist as I could.  I started clubbing at fourteen going to as many gigs and festivals as I could. It was an inextricable part of my life.  Music has always been my ‘go to’ retreat for anything that came along. It is the perfect companion for any mood.

I had been DJing and producing music for years so the idea of creating a playlist for the operation seemed natural.  I requested that music be played throughout the operation and asked if I could be the one to make the playlist.  Emma gave me a puzzled look and agreed to ask the surgeon, enquiring as to how it would be done.

“I could bring an iPod and speaker in with me which would just need you to press play,” I suggested, adding: “if at any point it distracted any member of the operating team they could turn it off.”

“You will be under general anaesthetic and won’t be able to hear anything,” said Emma.

I wasn’t so sure and imagined it being like a very deep sleep. If this was the case I had heard, read and was aware of things getting into your subconscious so I wanted to put together a mix that meant a lot to me to keep me soothed.

She got back to me with the news the surgeon had agreed, commenting it had never been done before, and I created a four-hour playlist of music that had affected me in some way over my life and felt appropriate at the time. I was producing a lot of dance music and wanted this to be reflected whilst the operation was happening in order to stay relevant in my mind and perhaps bring some new inspiration.

In the end it was more rushed than I would have liked.  Time had crept up very quickly, organising everything and everyone.  The week before the operation on one afternoon I sat in front of my computer and went through my collection. I drew from anything that had an emotional response.

The playlist is below and is called: Music for the Soul

Leftfield: Melt
Leftfield: Dusted
Massive Attack: Angel
Massive Attack: Teardrop
Leftfield: Chant of a Poorman
Leftfield: Inspection Check one
Leftfield: Song of Life
Leftfield: Phat Planet
Chemical Brothers: Saturate
Chemical Brothers: Setting Sun
Chemical Brothers: Galvanize
Chemical Brothers: Do it again
Mylo: Doctor Pressure Rmx
Kosheen: Hungry
Gossip: Heavy Cross
Gossip: Dimestore Diamond
Gorillaz: Dirty Harry
Timbaland: The way I are
Busta Rhymes: Turn it up
Busta Rhymes: Woo Haa! Got you all in check
Busta Rhymes: Gimme Some more
Timbaland: Oh Timbaland
Roni Size: Friends
Sia: Drink to get drunk RMX
Florence and the Machine: You’ve got the love (Mark Knight rmx)
Wolfgang Gartner: Menage A Trois
Wolfgang Gartner: Shrunken heads
Truegold: DAWN (test master) – This is a track I was producing at the time, which I never finished.
Leftfield: Storm 3000
Leftfield: Swords
Leftfield: 6/8 War
Leftfield: Rhinos Prayer
Mylo: Emotion 98.6
Bill Withers: Live at Carnegie Hall (Full album) (Best listened to on Spotify
Otis Redding: Love Man
Rage Against The Machine: Ghost Of Tom Joad


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