Chapter 28 : The Power of Music

Music, for me, is key.


A few months later and it was summer. My sister and I had tickets to go and see Metallica at Knebworth for the Sonisphere Festival which was celebrating forty years of gigs at the iconic English site. This also coincided with a special performance from Metallica as the fans had been able to vote for their favourite songs prior to the gig and thus created a unique setlist. It was part of the  Metallica By Request tour 

 We went along from early afternoon and took in a few bands, wandering around in the sun and picking up the atmosphere.


We settled in at least an hour before Metallica where due to perform, ensuring a good position just left of the stage. Last minute sound checks were being done and a few test kicks from the drum kit came resonating through the forty foot wall of speakers that were strung in the air.  It was incredible, such a pure, solid sounding kick with a beautiful snap sound, a true ‘chest feeler’ as I put it to my sister.

She looked at me and with a nervous smile said: ‘‘Is that good, are you ok?’’

“Don’t worry, that vibration went through my whole body and it was wonderful!” I exclaimed.

Metallica were great and proved to be just the dose of medicine I finally needed. I was able to let loose and have some fun. Jumping up and down, singing along, embracing people in the crowd through a shared joy.

Music, for me, is key.

I didn’t realise how much I needed it until the day afterwards when I felt truly relaxed and relieved. All the tension in my body had finally gone. Without knowing it I had still been carrying this tension around in my muscles and it seemed that a good amount of heavy guitars and loud music was what I needed to let it all go and release the strain I had been carrying.

It reminded me of how important it is to do the things that make you happy, the things that you love, as often as you can. It is so often overlooked in life.

I had allowed the vibration of the music to do what what it does best; heal.

This is the power of music.


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