From a boxing match which lead to open heart surgery, this is a story of choices and how life can change with the lack of a heart beat.


Hey, my name’s Guy.

At twenty-nine I decided to have my own Rocky Balboa moment and compete in a boxing match, which subsequently lead me to being dead on an operating table.

To tell you about all of this I’m going to have to explain a choice I made. This choice is why I’m alive and here today.

I should have been one of those statistics we hear so much about; a young adult dropping dead without much warning.  Thankfully, my story’s a little different and I’m here to tell the tale today.

I had been training in various boxing gyms throughout London, treating the sport as a way to let loose in the evening.  Little did I know that in a few short months I would be having open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve.

This training, along with a cow’s heart valve now keeping me alive, saved my life.  It highlighted a birth defect that none of us knew was there, causing my health to slowly and fatally deteriorate.

The surgery I faced wasn’t straight forward and would ultimately force me to make choices that would impact the length and quality of life after the operation, if I survived at all

Free to Choose is my honest account of what happened before, during and after surgery, and the processes I went through to come to the right decision for me in what seemed like an impossible circumstance.

By taking the leap to share my story I hope it will inspire you to be true to yourself  when dealing with difficult choices and to take courage in the right choices for you, even if it is contrary to popular belief, whether it’s on a day-to-day basis or when life throws you one massive curveball.

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So here we are from then until now the journey is ongoing.

Contact me on guy@wearefreetochoose.com  I am always happy to chat and would love to hear your thoughts!

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Thanks for reading and taking the time.


Note: This is a true story, the only changes that have been made are to the names of people involved, other than myself, to help keep their identities private.